Rossmoor (55+ Community) Copy


Rossmoor is a great option for Boomers looking for more than just their next home!

Rossmoor is a nationally recognized community for seniors who are 55 and older. It is a place of comfort, beauty, and activity that is home to people from all over the world.

The grounds at Rossmoor are stunning but what really sets it apart are the wide range of amenities and activities. There are five clubhouses, an event center, a state-of-the art fitness center, 27 holes of golf, eight tennis courts, a table tennis clubhouse, lawn bowling greens, bocce ball courts, three swimming facilities (one enclosed), picnic grounds, a computer center, a full-service library, a bridge/card room, a movie theater, hobby and arts shops, a full-service restaurant and bar and a dog park. Rossmoor also has a 24-hour security service staffing the front gate and a bus service. So, if you like to play, Rossmoor is the place for you!

Rossmoor Homes

Development of Rossmoor began in 1963, and today there are approximately 6,700 homes (manors) with just under 10,000 residents. There are 3 types of home ownership, co-ops (300 – 800K), condos (600K – 2.2 mil) and 67 single family homes (1.8 – 2.3 mil).

Home prices range from the low 300’s up to 2 million and above.

Rossmoor represents a wide economic diversity. So, if your budget is limited, there is a place for you at Rossmoor. If your budget is generous, there is a place for you at Rossmoor. As I like to tell people, regardless of what you pay for your home, all of Rossmoor is yours to enjoy. We are all citizens with the same privileges and rights. We all get to enjoy resort style living!

Initial fee and HOA costs

At Rossmoor there is an initial fee of $12,000 new buyers must pay to the Golden Rain Foundations. Monthly HOA fees vary based on the governing mutual but tend to start around $900. To be honest, when I first considered buying in Rossmoor these fees gave me pause. However, when I considered all I would be getting in terms of housing, location, amenities, and service and did the math I realized the value was there and have never looked back. I love it here and believe you will as well!